Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chocolatebars & a video

Today I want to show you two things; some chocolatebars I've wrapped for Halloween and a video I made on a stationary/letter-set - folder.

The 3 different chocolatebar-wrappersHere you see the chocolatebar inside

The idea for these chocolatebar-wrappers started when I saw this video, on how to make a Frankenstein-card. I got the idea to make a chocolatebar-wrapper with Frankenstein instead. The mummy I got from here. I only tweaked the dimensions to fit my chocolate-bar, other than that I made the Frankenstein and the mummy exactly as seen on the video/the tutorial. The ghost-chocolatebar I came up with the idea for myself.

The other thing I want to link you to today, is the newest video from me on YouTube. Check it out