Friday, May 27, 2011

Fix for blogger commenting problems


I just found a solution to the blogger-commenting issues going on, over at Marianne's blog here. This is what she said to do:

If the comment box won't open, click it and press control and alt at the same time. If you are asked to sign in then uncheck the stay signed in box. You will then be able to comment as yourself, not anonymous, and you will stay signed in.

Please go check out Marianne's blog and let her know if this solution helps you =)

- Marie / Legojenta


janette said... [Reply]

aha! good tip :-)

Sandy O said... [Reply]

I am having a problem leaving comments when I can only leave them using my Google account. I keep being brought back to the sign on page and the comment just won't post until Google thinks I am signed in :o( I feel so bad not leaving comments on blog. I wonder if it is the same thing. I will have to try it, it certainly won't hurt. Thank you for posting this.

CraftyDee said... [Reply]

Thanks for the tip Marie, I'm going to test it on this post ;-)