Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pencil Breakout Card

Hi everyone!

Today I have a fun card to share with you. The idea for it came with a situation that happened to me, with a package of stamps from Kim at Paper Smooches. I will tell you the background story after showing you the card.
So Kim, this one is for you!

Isn't it fun? I had a lot of fun making this card, and trying to figure out what to add to the scene and such =) 

I used three different Paper Smooches stamps on this card, but you may only recognize the greeting, which is from the "Sentiment Sampler". I actually also used a stamp from "Surf and Turf" and a stamp from "Falling For You".
From "Surf and Turf" I used the eyes and mouth of the little fish in the bottom right corner, to make the face of my pencil:

From "Falling For You" I used the monster's arm to add arms to my pencil:

Everything else on my card was hand-drawn. I used my ruler a lot to get straight lines in my drawings. I drew everything onto white paper and paperpieced the finished items onto the card. After adhering the jail buliding down, I drew in the barb wire fence directly onto the cardbase. I added the pencil to the card gluing the bottom down and popping the top up with foam adhesive to give it some dimension. I also added glossy accents to the two red warning-lights on the building. The greeting was stamped on white, cut into a strip and cut into a v-shaped end using a square punch.

So, I promised to tell you the story behind this card. On July 1st, Kim (owner and designer of Paper Smooches stamps) released three new stampsets for sale. Kim always shows card-samples made by the DT with the new stamps in the time leading up to each new release on the Paper Smooches blog. So usually, when release day comes, I know if there is any of the new stampsets I want to need to buy. To make things extra fun this time, Kim offered up a fun promotion for those that ordered from her within the first 24 hours of the new release. She would slip a decorated pencil of hers into five of the packages ordered within that time period. And then, when the package arrived to the recipient, and she found the pencil, she would get to choose one stampset for free as a prize. Now, I thought that was so fun, that I immediatley placed my order for two of her new stampsets. When my package arrived, I had a lot of fun squeezing the package before opening, feeling for a pencil. It really was a 'looking for a golden ticket' kind of moment. I didn't feel any pencil, and when I opened the package there was only my order inside and no pencil. But then I found something peculiar with the bubble envelope the order was sent in. It had a hole in the bottom, which was the size of a pencil. So I emailed Kim, telling her about the hole and asking if she had a list of the orders she had put a pencil in. She did have a list, and she had actually sent a pencil in my order. We wondered how the pencil had gotten out, if it had been customs taking it out or something. I figured out it had not been taken out by customs, as the hole was torn from the inside out, and not cut. In the email, I also told Kim how I could totally see that pencil before my inner eye, making its escape during shipping! So that was were the inspiration for this card came from =)
I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I love how quirky and fun that pencil guy looks =) Oh, and I chose the
"Sugar Rush" stampset as my prize. I love those smiling faces you can add to the different sweet images!

I also wanted to tell you that I will be making a video soon about how I hand-draw elements to put on cards. I will be talking about the tools I use and my process when hand-drawing things for my cards. I will probably get to making that video sometime next week =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 
- Marie / Legojenta


Isha said... [Reply]

This is so cute Marie. Love the background you created and the pencil story is fun;)

Danielle said... [Reply]

LOL! Love the story! Your card is gorgeous too. :-)

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said... [Reply]

Love the story.

Donna B. said... [Reply]

Super cute and creative Marie!! Love it!!

Kathy Nakata said... [Reply]

LOL! That story about the pencil is hilarious! I guess it must have wanted to get off the plane and go visit someone else! And your drawing on the card is awesome! You have a talent for drawing. I see you starting up your own stamp company and drawing/designing images someday. Seriously. I would love to have those images you drew in a stamp set! I bought Sugar Rush and you are right, I love how Kim added the smiling faces in different sizes to add to the images. But back to your drawing, you seriously are so talented.

Jenny said... [Reply]

Oh this is brilliant Marie, love the pencil escape story too:)
Jenny x

Christiana said... [Reply]

This card is hilarious and fabulous, and I love the story behind it! Too funny. I definitely need some paper smooches stamps!

Wendy said... [Reply]

Marie this is hilarious, the card and the story behind it. I love it! I need to get me some paper Smooches.

Anni said... [Reply]

Great card and such funny story behind!

~Tammy~ said... [Reply]

Oh my gosh your work is AMaZing! I am blown away! What a cute story too! You should start your own stamp line! Seriously!

Emily Leiphart said... [Reply]

Marie, you're an incredible artist! My question is why you don't have your own stamp company? Oh, and I see that Tammy just said the same thing. LOL I love your card and the story behind it! :D