Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Theatre Congratulations Card

Hi everyone

Today I have another card to share with you, that I'll be entering into Paper Smooches' current July SPARKS Challenge 

I made a card based on a sketch from Designer Drafts 1, which you can see here.

Here's the card I made:

I'm sorry about the crazy angle in this photo, I couldn't show the curviness of the masks in any other way...

I used the largest smiley face from "Sugar Rush" as a base for the masks. I got the idea to make masks like this when I saw the sketch I used, which reminded me of a theatre stage. I have actually done a project very similar to this before, and I'll tell you about that further down in this post. If you're not interested in reading about that, you can just stop reading after this paragraph. For the masks on my card, I made a template, traced it in pencil and drew on top with my Memento marker. I then stamped the smiley faces inside. To make the sad face, I simply inked up only the eyes first and stamped down. I then inked up only the mouth, turned it over, and stamped that below the eyes. To make the masks more dimensional, I curved them backwards, and attached them to the card using foam adhesive in their centers. I hand cut the scene curtains, and punched a scalloped edge on the top piece. I embossed the sentiment in white embossingpowder, and drew on the little black lines on the curtains with my Memento marker.

Okay, so I told you I would write about the project very similar to this that I have done before. Before, in this case, is a good couple of years ago, when I went to an arts and crafts-type of program in school. We got an assignment where we all went to see the (then new) Casanova movie, and then were asked to create our own posters for the movie. Everyone else tried their best at painting characters from the movie, but I went a different route. In one scene of the movie, Casanova goes to the costume ball with two women, having a stick with a mask on each end, one black and one white. I felt that this moment was very true to the Casanova character, and I so wanted to make something revolving around that scene. For my poster, I made a very CAS design, with the black and white masks separated by a striking red border. I was, and still am, very proud of it, and I love the striking color combination and design of it. I actually have it hanging on my wall still:

Well, when my teacher were to critique and grade my final piece, she was not at all impressed. She complained that my poster was not a work she could get anything out of, and that it was almost at the point where she couldn't grade it at all. I don't remember what she did grade it to, but it doesn't matter. Today, I feel that if the point of the assignment was to see how the students drew people realisticly, that would have to be stated as part of the assigment. I still feel that there are good design elements in this poster that she could have critiqued, and that the design works well. Now, this was not the only time I clashed with that spesific teacher. I now think it was because she had her own style and her own idea of what types of art is good and reputable, and my ideas of those was different then hers...
Well, that's my (rather long) story about the poster I made in school. As you can see, I used the same colors in my card, and I love how striking they are together! I'm very happy with how this card turned out as well =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
- Marie / Legojenta


Kathy Nakata said... [Reply]

I LOVE your card Marie! And the project you did for the program at school. You are so artistic and innovative. Some people don't critique well. Sounds like your teacher let her own feelings/opinions get in the way of fairly grading projects. It's hard to deal with someone like that as it seems like they will never change their ways so you never can win. Not that you always need to win, but at least get your project looked at fairly. Thank you so much again for sharing all your cards, tips and techniques!