Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lawnscaping #17

Hi everyone

Today, I wanted to share with you a card I made to enter into the current Lawnscaping challenge.

Here's the card I made for the challenge:

I must say, I was quite thrilled when I saw that it was all about embossing this time. I have actually been thinking lately that I have so many embossingfolders that I haven't used in sooo long! This was the perfect time to use them again =)
I used the tissuebox from "On the Mend" by Lawn Fawn, but turned the smile upside down to create a sad face. I drew in that little teardrop, and then I colored in the image. I added some Glossy Accents to the teardrop, but it doesn't show in the photos. I have never been able to photograph shiny effects on my cards well. If anyone has any tips on how to get that shine to show up in the pictures, I'd love to hear! I used "Jessie's ABC's" to stamp the sentiment. Yes, I know, that sentiment may be a little bit on the edge, so to speak. I actually thought about for quite some time, but concluded that I, myself, felt that the phrase I've used is more of a widespread way of speech, then it is a curse word. I am sorry if you feel different about this, and please know that I meant no harm in using the phrase for my card today. I just basically felt like it was just the right sentiment for this card, and that it makes it more youthful.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
- Marie / Legojenta


Kathy Nakata said... [Reply]

This card is ADORABLE! I love it! Love how you turned the smile into a frown. I don't take offense to the sucks word! It's such a well used word over here in the U.S.! But no matter where you live, some people are offended by things when absolutely nothing was meant by it. I don't view it even as a curse word, but I guess more conservative people might. It's such a cute card and so well thought out that how could anyone take offense! But yeah, I know so good that you mentioned it in your post.

Laurel said... [Reply]

Love the card!!! LOVE IT! Sucks isn't a curse word so don't pay anyone any mind that says that it is... Your card is genius! Very clever way of using the set! Thanks for entering it into the Lawnscaping Challenge Marie!

Barb said... [Reply]

love this card. it's so cute. i find that taking a photo with intentional sidelight and the card slightly angled shows the shine well. i'm no pro but thought i`d share my method.

Yainea said... [Reply]

This card is really cute, the poor little tissue box is adorable!. I think the sentiment is great haha, ok, I think that If you want to cheer up someone with a card of this kind, this sentiment will make him/her smile so I'm agree with you :)

Gabby said... [Reply]

Very neat card! I love the concept and the sentiment. Anybody who is in that situation would appreciate your card! :) I don't consider "suck" a curse word. I think your sentiment would be more modern slang ... for example, maybe taking the place of "breaking up is the pits!" :)

Kristy Smith said... [Reply]

Marie I love your card! Great coloring and embossing! And breakups DO suck so I think your sentiment is totally appropriate! =)

Heather I. said... [Reply]

I love this!!! Breakups DO suck! Dont feel bad ;). Plus over here, in the states, it's perfectly not a curse word, more of slang or something. I love the tear! When I'm taking pics of "shiny/glossy" stuff, I try to hold the card in my hand and move it around until I can see the shine. Then I take the photo trying not to show my hand. Doesn't always work, but you see the shine. Hope that helps. I really love this card - such great elements and textures!!! I have no embossing plates but think they look SO cool!!!! Great job! Hope work/school are going well!

Tracy said... [Reply]

Cute card :)

Isha said... [Reply]

So true. Love your card Marie. Its so creative:)

Sonia said... [Reply]

This card is such a great idea!! Love how you used it for a non-typical sentiment :) Great job!!!

Christiana said... [Reply]

Aw, this is super cute, Marie! I love this take on the tissue box. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!