Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Introducing my Inspired by Pinterest Video Series!

Hi everyone!
This is my second post of the day. Please scroll down to see my entry for the Lawnscaping challenge =)

Today I'd like to tell you about my new video series that will start on November 1st, called Inspired by Pinterest! Please watch this short video to learn more about it:

I am quite excited about this new video series. I have been using Pinterest for a little while now, and I love to gather up information, inspiration and all kinds of fabulous stuff there. But I also wanted to make sure I would actually use that inspiration in my crafting. And with that thought came the idea for this video series to mind. The Inspired by Pinterest video series will start on November 1st. On that day, I will publish the first episode on my YouTube channel. In each episode, I will be taking inspiration from a pin I have on one of my boards on Pinterest. Some of my pins on Pinterest have been repinned from other people, and some I have pinned from different blogs, websites etc. I love having this online pinboard to gather up and organize all the fabulous things I find online!

If you want to check out my Pinterest boards, just click the red "Follow me on Pinterest" button in my right toolbar. Oh, and to join Pinterest, you need to be invited. So if you want an invitation from me, just leave a comment on this post with your email-adress, and I'll send you an invite. But please read the rest of this post before you go to comment, because I have something else fun in store!

To celebrate the start of my Inspired by Pinterest Video Series, I have come up with a little guessing game for you all. I want you to take a look at my Pinterest boards, and guess what pin (aka. what photo) that I've used for my first episode of the series. I filmed the first episode today, and so it's all ready to go for November 1st =)
To enter, leave a link to the pin you think I've used for the first episode, in a comment on this post. Only comments left on this post, on my blog, will be counted as an entry to the guessing game. Then, on November 1st, I will check all the comments left on this post, and see if anyone guessed the right pin. If so, that person wins a little prize from me =)

That's it for my little announcement today. I'm excited to see what you all think of this video series, and I look forward to making new episodes for the series in the future =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
- Marie / Legojenta


Danielle Daws said... [Reply]

Great idea for a series! You have so many great inspiration pins... I'm going to guess this one -


Jenny said... [Reply]

Hi Marie, this looks like a fun series. I think and hope you'll be using this pin for your first inspiration project

I only joined Pinterest today so I started following you, love how you labelled your boards....I'm still on a learning curve with it all!
Jenny x

Angie said... [Reply]

You have lots of great pins! I'm guessing this one for your first video:

Efrat said... [Reply]

What a great idea for a video series. I vote for this one:

creating memories.. said... [Reply]

thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.. I'am sure you would love Mister Huey's mists! Will keep an eye for your video series :)