Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Giveaway Time

Hi everyone

Today I have a giveaway to share. This is the second giveaway in a short period of time, which is a very rare thing here on my blog. I hope you are as happy about that as I am =)
To see what is in this giveaway, and for information on how to enter, please check out this video:

Here's a picture of the items in this giveaway.

I also wanted to clarify the rules for commenting to enter into this giveaway. You may leave 1 comment only on my blog, and 1 comment only in the comment section of the giveaway video on YouTube. You may share about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, facebook or wherever, but that will not give you any extra chances to win. I will ship anywhere in the world =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
- Marie / Legojenta


Laura Jane said... [Reply]

Nice detailed video Marie.
I like the ring you are wearing, did you make it?

Marie / Legojenta said... [Reply]

@Laura Jane
Yes, I did make it. 2 buttons stacked on top of eachother, glued to adjustable ring from the craft store =)

Heather Innusa said... [Reply]

Thanks for the chance to win Marie! I've been dying to try PS's new background stamps - these ones are super cute! I love the ring too - so multi talented girlfriend!!

maddymuscles said... [Reply]

Thanks for the chance to win! What a great giveaway, you are too generous. :)

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said... [Reply]

You are so generous! About to post my card with some goodies from your last giveaway, but got distracted on google reader first. Love hearing your accent, reminds me that the crafty world really does cover all corners of the globe.

Marie / Legojenta said... [Reply]

@Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin)
Love your comment about hearing my accent making you realize that crafting is a worldwide community. Maybe I should throw in some sentences in Norwegian for my next video? I'm sure that could be fun, especially since most of my viewers probably wouldn't understand a word of it! LOL

Andrea said... [Reply]

Thanks for the chance to win an awesome giveaway! You have a great talent, thanks for sharing it!


Melinda said... [Reply]

Åhh vilken candy!! Stämplarna är såå fina och helt i min smak!!
Tack för ännu en chans att vinna.
Kram Melinda

Emily Leiphart said... [Reply]

I'm not here to win but I stopped by 'cause I love watching your videos. :) Hugs!

Isha said... [Reply]

Your giveaway is just superb Marie!!! btw. did you peek into my wishlist???....lol. My daughter wants me to make a ring like this...Thanks for a chance to win.

MIA said... [Reply]

Dear Marie,
thanks for this new chance to win a GREAT giveaway!
Love all the things, the stamp set, the flowers, the edge punch...

Efrat said... [Reply]

So generous!! and a great giveaway - thank you!

cutiephinphin said... [Reply]

Thanks so much for the giveaway Marie... I've been having my eye on that PS stamp and love that Mr Huey... blue is my fav color :)

Lindsey said... [Reply]

This is another generous giveaway, Marie!

Tracy said... [Reply]

What a great giveaway!


gRiSeL™ said... [Reply]

Wow, lovin' all those goodies!! And I've been looking for that postage stamp border punch with no luck!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win all these amazing prizes!! (:

Luanne said... [Reply]

what a love giveaway Marie. I am international and if fine with you I would love to join.

craftersreference at gmail dot com

Marie / Legojenta said... [Reply]

Sure you can join! I'll send anywhere =)

Meagan said... [Reply]

This is so wonderful!!! I love the Paper Smooches stamps with the patterns, its on my wish list :p

Natiiii said... [Reply]

ooh lovely! =) your so generous! thank you so much for the chance.

have a nice day

Craft-A-Holic Momma said... [Reply]

Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. I love your style!

Cheryl Winget said... [Reply]

You are so generous to share your stash with your readers. I love your blog and read every post. Thanks for the chance to win.

Lucy said... [Reply]

What a great haul for some lucky winner. You are VERY generous. Keep making the great videos. I love your work.

Nicole Doiron said... [Reply]

What a great giveaway and you did a fantastic job at displaying every single item on your video. I'll definitely be checking some more of your videos! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!! :)

Tant Brun. said... [Reply]

Hello Marie!
You are so talented. I hope I will be the lucky winner of all the nice products you give away. It's fun even thoug we'r not used to giveaways in scandinavia.
regards from Lena-Marie in Sweden.

Rebecca " The miss Haven " said... [Reply]

Wonderful candy :) Love the stamps and the punch and .... And ... Okay, I love everything :P Lol
Hugs Rebecca

Mary-Anne V said... [Reply]

Love visiting your blog to see your latest creations...thanks for the chance to win some great goodies! jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com

jen said... [Reply]

My goodness, you're so generous! I loved to hear your accent as well! I don't have any PS stamps yet- what fun! Thanks for the chance!

Johnna said... [Reply]

I am very new to this craft and have only recently started following your blog. I love your style and have even used one of your cards for inspiration. Thank you for the chance to win this great prize package.

Kristy said... [Reply]

Just found your blog recently and I think its fantastic. I like that you update it all the time :)
And a very nice prize package too!

Annette said... [Reply]

what a fun giveaway...great video...I really like that ring you have on...so cute..very generous...great prize...
Thanks for the chance to win...

Yainea said... [Reply]

That prize is amazing, you're very generous!! Thank you very much for the chance to win :)

*Alison* said... [Reply]

what a fun giveaway.. thanks so much for the chance to win! :) love your videos.. hugs

Rita said... [Reply]

I love your videos & I could listen to your accent all day...I love it! Thank you so much for the chance to win some awesome goodies, your so generous!

early said... [Reply]

Thanks again for the chance to win this amazing giveaway, so many things i like!!!


Venus said... [Reply]

Nice video! It's very informative :-)
Thank you for the chance to win a new stash :-)


cards by cara said... [Reply]

What a very sweet and generous giveaway!! <3

Rosalee said... [Reply]

Hi Marie. You are so generous to be offering this wonderful candy. I would so love to have a chance. I've linked to my sidebar and I'm a follower. Sorry but I don't have a YouTube account. Thanks for the chance
Hugs, Rosalee

Стю said... [Reply]

Hi! I'd like to join too! Thanks for the chance!

AngeLLinA said... [Reply]

Very beautiful candy. Hope I'm lucky enough to win.

Regena said... [Reply]

What a great giveaway..thanks for being so generous..love ur video