Thursday, March 29, 2012

How-to explanations or not?

Hi everyone

Today I wanted to ask you, my readers, for some feedback on how I write my blogposts. Specifically I would like to know if you like/appreciate the fact that I always write about how I made the project shown. I am thinking about making a change with that, and eliminating the how-to from my future blogposts. I am planning on only writing an explanation on how I made something, if it was done with a spesific technique, or if something else on the project is not self-explanatory.
I have made a poll about this, which can be found in the right hand sidebar. I would really appreciate it if you would take a minute to leave your answer in the poll. If you have any further comments about this, please feel free to leave them in the comment section of this blogpost. Oh, and the poll will only be up for about two weeks, so please answer before that time if you choose to do so =) Thanks in advance for your input!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
- Marie / Legojenta


Lucy said... [Reply]

Thank you for being attentive to your readers. I always like to see the process written down (and have voted to keep doing it), but I know it takes lots of time. If something is really obvious, I'm sure most of us can figure it out, but I'm amazed how many times I have an "aha" moment while reading the instructions. Whatever you decide, I'll keep reading. Thanks for the huge amount of time you put into your blog and videos.

Heather Innusa said... [Reply]

You know, I've been struggling with the same ideas for my blog posts. I always detail my techniques out, but then sometimes I think my post is so long and most of my blogging friends already know exactly what I did. But I think that the reason I do it, is because when I was 1st starting out, I really appreciated reading about how people dod things. I wanted to do that for others and it became habit. I did your survey & selected what I think I'm going to start doing which is keeping it simple except when I know something is less than self explanatory or interesting or different. Then I'm going to explain how I did it. I hope that helps you (I hope it works for me too ;)). You have such a great style - so many of the things you create are things that are so different and thought provoking - like using a certain stamp to be something else completely - I LOVE THAT!!!! I think that's valuable info that really helps crafty peeps get the most of their stamps and supplies! I lvoe your work!

Cheryl Winget said... [Reply]

I, too, am very grateful for all the time and effort you put into your blog. I don't need to have instructions for basic crafting instructions but what I do appreciate is a complete list of tools and products used. I have been introduced to new items on blogs that I would not otherwise known about. I also love to be introduced to new techniques with detailed instructions. Thanks for all you do.

Emily Leiphart said... [Reply]

You should definitely continue to explain how you make your cards. It's obviously something you enjoy doing! I also love the supply lists. Both are essential to a successful blog!

Mary-Anne V said... [Reply]

I am very thankful for your detailed is very good for someone like me who is new to cardmaking. Thank you for all the time you put into each post.

Rita Barakat said... [Reply]

I hate writing all the details but I certainly get why you need them, if it is not too time consuming for you keep on- it gets you lots of readers. I dont do them all the time- except when I think it's a really cool tecnique or something different.

Efrat said... [Reply]

I really like reading how other crafters are creating their cards or pages, so I most definitely vote for "keep doing it". Thanks for all the hard work! it is really appreciated.

Ahuefa said... [Reply]

well, I think it's hard to tell, what is self explaining and what isn't. It really depends on your skill level and the experience, right?
But you always are so kind to explain, if so. asks for help or information. so maybe you could just continue with that.
anyhow: thanks for being such an inspiration!