Friday, March 29, 2013

Design Principles - Self Paced Class

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Hi everyone

I am here today to share some great news with you =) Britta Swiderski is re-releasing her Design Principles class from last summer, as a self-paced class!

The Inspiration University: Design Principles class is now ready as a self-paced class! Join Britta Swiderski as she walks you through the Design Principles and shows dozens of methods and techniques for applying them to your own projects. 
The class consists of 10 complete lessons with additional introduction and review, over 5 hours of exclusive video content. Each lesson is centered around four videos: a traditional whiteboard-style lesson, the making of a helpful reference tag and two cards. There are more than two dozen never-before-seen cards from Britta and a wonderful group of guest designers, all helping you understand and learn about the Design Principles. It's like going to college for card making and design all at the same time! 
Included with this self-paced class is a refined, printable ebook to guide you through the lessons and supplement each lesson with more tips and tricks. All class material is accessed through the portal at and Google Drive; class participants have lifetime access to all class material.
For more information or to purchase a seat in the class, please visit See you there and get ready to go back to the most interesting class in college!

Here is a card I made a couple of days ago, inspired by the 'Hierarchy' lesson. I used the arrows to lead the eye to the sentiment on the card:

I was honored to be a guest designer for Britta for Design Principles, and today I get to give away a free seat in class to one of my blog viewers =) To enter into the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post, answering the following question: Do you ever think about different design principles when making a card, or do you just do what looks and feels right to you?

If you have already purchased the self-paced class and win, you will get a refund of your purchase price, or you can send the spot to a friend =) Previous class participants are not eligible for the giveaway since they already have access to all of the class material. 

The giveaway closes at Monday, April 1st, at 11:59 pm my time. You can see a clock showing my time in the right hand sidebar =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
- Marie


Grá O'Neill said... [Reply]

Great card. I try to do a little of both, but what looks & feels best to me usually wins :)

Marianne said... [Reply]

Fabulous CAS card Marie. I would love to win a spot in this class. I do try to learn from other people's work to see what works and what doesn't and I do know a few design principles, but it's more intuitive than conscious, like achieving balance and picking the right spot for your focus element (rule of three), but I could definitely use some more help in that department, as well as useful tips & tricks.

Wondercraft said... [Reply]

great class, would love to check it out. thanks for the chance.


MIA said... [Reply]

Hi Marie,
well, I do know some principles, but I fear I forget them from time to time ;)
Mostly I do what looks good to me. That's why I like using sketches, there you already have an idea about the balance the card will have.
So - I'd looooove to win this place...

aaga said... [Reply]

I very rarely use design principles on purpose. But occasionally I do. :-)

Laura Jane said... [Reply]

I don't really know any other rule but the 1/3s...I'm taking the class to learn more:)

Karin Åkesdotter said... [Reply]

Fabulous! You are so good at CAS - impressed!
Hugs, Karin

Lisa's Creative Niche said... [Reply]

woo hoo!!! This would be a fabulous class to be a part of! THanks for my chance!

Mateja Povše said... [Reply]

I just do what feels right, I don't really know enough about design principles to use them so this class would be perfect for me :)

Mary-Anne V said... [Reply]

Sometimes I think about certain rules but most of the time I just look at the overall design and go with it. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

Barb Ghig said... [Reply]

I really LOVE your card, Maria! Such an amazing, CAS design and the black and white color palette is brilliant!

When I'm creating cards, I try to maintain balance. I use the 'triangle' to keep the eye moving around the card, and I love to play with color. I've learned so much from designers like yourself, Britta and OCC over the past few years, and I am so grateful to all of you! I would be thrilled to win a spot in this class, so I can take my paper crafting to the next level...thanks so much for a chance to win :-)

Isha Gupta said... [Reply]

Congratulations Marie on being the guest in class. Thanks for a chance to win it too!!!

Poorvi said... [Reply]

I never really think about design principles as I don't really know any....that's why I'd love to take this class....thanks for a chance to win!
I love your card, the arrows are great :)

Jessie/knightrone said... [Reply]

This is so fun!

Loly Borda-Towery said... [Reply]

As I don't know anything abour design I just follow my intuition. Thanks for the chance!

Denise said... [Reply]

I am very interested in learning more about design principles. I tend to prefer the card-making blogs of people who have a background in design. I've learned a little about color theory recently and I think it's all fascinating to understand why one card "works" and another doesn't.

Denise said... [Reply]

Would love to learn more about design !!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I really have not been paying attention to rules only because I don't know much about it. I love getting inspiration from actual objects or card sketches, so I normally go with what feels and looks right. However, I would love to learn to use these principles in my card :) Thanks for the chance to win :)