Friday, April 5, 2013

Martha Stewart Mini Scoring Board

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I recently bought the Martha Stewart Mini Scoring board. I had the large one from before, but decided to get the small one because I think it's better for my needs. In this post, I'll share with you why I think the small one is better than the large one =)

I will list what I like and dislike about the two scoring boards below.
=) denotes a positive quality, =( denotes a negative quality


The large Martha Stewart Scoring Board
=) The large size of the base can accomodate 12" paper and cardstock, making it good for larger projects. The base measures about 12-3/8" square
=) It has a corner piece you can use to make envelopes and boxes, and comes with intructions to make different sizes of those
=( The bone folder included with the board is flimsy, and therefore I don't like using it to score with. Instead, I use a stylus to do the scoring with on this board
=( The bone folder included is stored in a compartment at the top, and it shakes around in there making a rattling noise when you move the board. Call me crazy if you'd like, but that sound is kind of annoying
=( The large size of the board makes it more difficult to store if you have a limited space
=( The large size of the board takes up more space if you're traveling with it
=) Both models have scoring grooves at every 1/8"  

The small Martha Stewart Scoring Board
=) The small size of the scoring board makes it easy to store. The base measures about 6-5/8" by 8"
=) The small size of the scoring board makes it easy to travel with
=) The board has marks showing where to score different card sizes (4 bar, A2, A6, A7)
=) The bone folder included is stronger/more sturdy than the thin one on the large scoring board, and works great for scoring
=) The bone folder included is attached to the board with a locking mechanism, fastening it securely in place without it moving around
=) The scoring board has a system with scoring grooves on the back for making envelopes
=( The scoring board has a tiny ledge in the bottom right hand corner, that might be slightly in the way if you're trying to score a larger piece of paper. You will have to lay the paper on top of the ledge in such a case
=( The scoring board does not have a system for making boxes


That is a quick rundown of the positive and negative sides I see to each of the two models. As a cardmaker primarily, I am using the small model now. It has all I need for my cardmaking, and should I ever need to score a 12" paper again, I can use my old Fiskars trimmer for that. I also love that it is so small I can keep it on my desk for easy access, instead of having to reach under my desk to get my scoring board out, as I had to do when I used the larger model =)

So, if you are looking for a scoring board, you might want to get one of these. I know when I bought my first one, the 1/8" scoring lines were the main reason I chose the Martha Stewart one instead of a Score Pal. Also, I think the Martha Stewart ones are more affordable than the Score Pal ones. Win-win situation, in other words!

I am linking to both Martha Stewart scoring boards below, from Simon Says Stamp and Ellen Hutson, in case you want to purchase one now =)

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- Marie

*Please note: This post was not endorsed by Martha Stewart or any other company. These are my own honest opinions about these products =) Also, I am not affiliated with any of the two shops I've linked the products to below.



Barb Ghig said... [Reply]

Great review, Marie! I have the small MS scoring board, and love it. I found that the scoring tool is a bit sharp and almost cut my card, so I just use my stylus tool, and it works out great.

Thanks so much for the quick tip!